Cyanide Regime is proud to announce that their third studio effort "Call to Arms" is now available for phisycal and digital distribution at:

CD Baby "Call To Arms"

Kunaki "Call To Arms"





April 25th, 2016

Hocico - Cyanide Regime

The Orpheum

Tampa, FL




March 12th, 2016

Leather Strip - Ludovico Technique - Cyanide Regime

Respectable Street

West Palm Beach, FL




Call To Arms - Spring 2016 

The upcoming effort by the Miami trio Cyanide Regime titled “Call To Arms” is currently in the final stages of production. The band relentlessly continues in the studio finalizing this third project. Soon and with uncompromising pride, this album will be unleashed to the world.





Global Compromise - Aug. 30 2011

Four years after the release of the raw debut release "Visions of Order", Cyanide Regime returns.  "Global Compromise" is the collaborative effort of Colombian-born frontman Fernando S., Brian Blitzkrieg and KC Killjoy out of Miami, Florida. The trio were driven to create a unique blend of dance-oriented electronic tracks with heavy handed, fist pumping Industrial power. Their music and message have stayed true to the project's concern with geopolitics, religious commentary and contempt for the status quo. Melodic musical interludes paired with shredding vocals and a relentlessly brutal beat has consistently gathered fans to the dance floor.

Round two sees the Regime's second invasion with the sophomore release: "Global Compromise". This latest material is ahead of it's time, layered with an eclectic mixture of diverse influences from each band-member.  The release also includes contributions from Icon of Coil, Spektralized and Dalliance in the form of three re-imagined versions of dance floor favorite "We March".  In addition to his "We March" remix, this release was brought together under the skilled mastering of Sebastian Komor.

Aside from their following in Central and South Florida, Cyanide Regime has gathered fans at performances in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Austin.  Over the years they've shared the stage with legendary industrial acts including Combichrist, Funker Vogt, God Module, FGFC820, Assemblage 23, Icon of Coil, Accessory, Informatik and Terrorfakt.

Cyanide Regime is back and here to stay.  Join The Regime.